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Mon - Fri 7am-8pm

Sat & Sun 9am-5pm

What steps do I need to take before attending St. Paws?
The first thing you need to do is make an account with us at This is where you will make reservations, track/make purchases, track packages, view your pup's report cards, etc. New clients will enter contact information, vet information, dog behavioral/medical/feeding information and sign our client agreement form to get started. You have the option to upload the vaccination report or we can contact your veterinarian directly for proof of vaccinations. Once your portal is completed and vaccination records obtained we conduct a free Temperament Test (you can find out more about this below). That's it! 

What is a Temperament Test?
Temperament testing helps us understand your dog which allows us to provide optimal care to your best buddy and all their furriends. During the test a trained St. Paws staff member pets your pup, touches their paws, feeds a treat (or two), and introduces your dog to another furry friend. This is a way for us to gauge whether or not your dog will be happy in our active and social environment. If your dog displays aggression during the temperament test we can guide you to other services in our area that may be better suited. 

The test is free.  Ideally we would like to spend 4 or 5 hours introducing your pal to St Paws.  We find they're much more comfortable coming back.  We also use this time to introduce you to St. Paws and our values, as well as give you a tour of our facility. Every dog that attends St. Paws is required to come in for a temperament test before attending for daycare or boarding. Once completed you will be able to make a reservation for daycare/boarding through your pet profile. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!

Why should I bring my dog to daycare?
Dogs are active/social animals like us that require social interaction as well as mental and physical stimulation. Daycares provide a unique structured environment for your dog to safely explore socially with other dogs and people which carries into their life outside of daycare. Also dogs aren’t always the best at using their alone time productively, which can lead to stress, depression, and/or behavioral problems.  Bringing your dog to daycare when you're away allows your pup to receive the nurturing and stimulation it needs to stay mentally sharp, socially fulfilled, and physically strong.

Why should I bring my dog to St. Paws?

We are unique because we have a personal relationship with each dog. If a dog needs guidance in a certain area, we can help. We teach our employees how to train dogs, and how to understand their behavior. St. Paws is a nurturing environment working together with people to ensure their dogs are healthy and happy.

Should I bring my dog's toys to daycare? 
No because sometimes dogs can be protective over personal toys. To minimize conflict we will provide clean toys that can be played with without creating competition! However, feel free to bring toys for dogs that are boarding. They will have sole access to them at night in their sleeping area.

Should I bring anything to daycare?
You may bring food and/or medication if needed. Otherwise, just your pup and their leash! 

Will my dog be fed during his/her daycare visit?
If you bring their food we can certainly feed them at whatever time is needed!


What do the dogs do during the day?
During the day dogs will have the opportunity to play, run, and wrestle with other dogs and play with our staff. They also like to entertain themselves with various toys, Nylabones, Kongs, and brain games. We take them on walks every day, and when they're tired they veg out on a couch or dog bed. We practice group training like gate/door boundaries where we have dogs go through one at a time, or group "sits" (check out our Instagram @stpaws for pictures!). We also practice individual training like "sit" and "lay down". Always reenforcing good behaviors!

Does my dog get outside time when attending St. Paws?
Yep, dogs are walked everyday one at a time through Iris Park! Our boarders are walked twice daily and daycare dogs are walked once daily, about 15 minutes each walk.

Are dogs supervised at all times?​
Of course! This is important to us to ensure safety, every dog will always be in view of a staff member during play group.

Do boarding dogs get to play with the daycare group?
Yes! During the day, boarding dogs and daycare dogs share the same space.

What should I bring when I board my dog?
You will need to bring enough food for their stay, medicine if needed, as well as their collar and leash. Optionally, you can bring any comforting items for your dog, like a bed, blanket, or special toy. It adds to their comfort if you don't wash it right before their visit, so their/your scent is still on it!  At night your dog will have sole access to these items. 

What if I suspect my dog isn't feeling well one day, can I still bring them to daycare?
If your dog is showing symptoms of any communicable disease, such as diarrhea, vomiting, runny nose, runny eyes, sneezing, coughing, please do not bring your dog in for the health and safety of our other guests. 

Can I see the facilities where my dog will be staying?​
Of course! When you stop by we would love to give you a tour and show you our accommodations!

How often are your facilities cleaned?
We're always cleaning! The daycare play areas and boarding kennels are thoroughly cleaned every single day, as well as spot cleaned throughout the day when needed.

What happens if my dog gets hurt?
If your dog sustains an injury we will immediately contact you with all the information and pictures/videos. We can drive your dog to your personal vet, or whatever emergency vet is closest. We give you all the information available and let you decide our course of action. Injuries requiring vet care are rare. 

Can you administer my dogs medication for them?
We are happy to do so free of charge.


Why do you require that all dogs be spayed/neutered?
Unneutered/unspayed dogs are often more assertive/territorial and therefore more likely to create conflict. We also don't want to create the opportunity for unwanted puppies as breeding should be done with the utmost care and planning.

Does St. Paws have any breed restrictions for daycare or boarding?
There are no breed restrictions at St. Paws! We welcome any and all dogs as long as do not display aggressive behaviors and meet our safety requirements.

What if I need to pick up/drop off my dog earlier/later than regular hours? What if I am late?​
Give us a call ahead of time and we can arrange a pick-up/drop-off time that works best for you! Please note that there will be an additional charge. If you are unexpectedly late, we will give you a call, and wait patiently for your return. Our hours are Monday - Friday 7 a.m. - 8 p.m. & Saturday - Sunday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

When should I pay for services?
​Payment is due when you pick up your dog(s) or earlier.

Please let us know if you have any further questions! Thank you!

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Safety Requirements

​Frequently Asked Questions

​​​* Free of communicable diseases and internal parasites 
* Spayed/neutered if over 6 months of age
* Be at least 16 weeks old
* Flea/tick preventative used during April-Nov (no flea/tick collars)
* Up-to-date DHPP, Bordetella, and Rabies vaccinations
* Vet Records
* Pass our temperament test 

St. Paws

Dog Daycare, Boarding, & Grooming

1920 University Avenue West

St. Paul, 55104 Minnesota

(651) 644-7297