The Story of St Paws

You couldn’t enter the front door for nearly two years.  The light rail construction fence was built on the property line and the street was all tore up, so the previous Tenants were let out of their lease so they could move and stay in business.  It was in September of 2015, not long after the light rail had been completed, and incredible Maggie came home from managing an animal humane society in northern Wisconsin, where she had fostered her passion for dogs.  Now that the light rail was complete there was a new vibe on the Avenue.  Maggie, at only 21, fell in love with the idea of opening a dog daycare, even though she wanted to go to college, and with more than a little encouragement from her Dad, Tom, and with a lot of help from her boyfriend, Dylan, St Paws was proudly launched on January 11th, 2016.

It was a lot of work and money to convert to a Dog Daycare.  It was just a wide-open space, with a front retail area, a series of offices and then a huge open production area, with convenient parking out the front door.  The first thing we did was put down a rubber floor throughout, so the dogs can actually run and play and cut and dive, without getting hurt.  The roof-top heating and air conditioning units were replaced and a dedicated grooming ventilation system was installed.  Two bathrooms were combined into a large janitor’s closet. We built a deluxe Bathing room with a stainless-steel walk-in tub, an automated soap dispenser and laundry equipment.  We use multiple green cleaning products which all claim to kill 99.5% of the common causes of dog sicknesses, including Covid-19 (and we are cleaning constantly).     

Three playgrounds were developed, with a dedicated small dog playground in front, and two large playgrounds in back, one for medium temperament dogs and another for rough players, along with a separate feeding room in back.  This included a lot of fencing, painting, decorating, and dog proofing.  It took us about four months before we could open.  In the process we were able to convince the city to add Dog Daycare and Boarding under the approved uses in our zoning code.  Now that the business was launched, Maggie and Dylan returned to school and Tom took over.  After a life time of loving, caring and training dogs, Tom is now in Dog Heaven, he has to have his daily ‘dog therapy’. 

The improvements haven’t ever stopped.  The pylon sign was re-skinned is now working again.  Boarding was expanded with deluxe stainless steel kennels (but retaining ‘Huge Dog Luxury Suites’).  We finally have it all: an outdoor playground, a state-of-the-art grooming room, a kind and experienced groomer with ‘cutting edge’ capabilities; a dog’s dream of a playground: with the rubber floors, ramps, cots and all manner of toys and new lighting throughout.   We still walk the dogs every day in Iris Park, in addition to getting them in the outdoor playground for at least a half hour a day. 

We thrive with a committed, caring staff who strive to develop a personal relationship with each dog to ensure a stimulating, happy, loving environment.  People say we are probably the best dog Daycare, Boarding and Grooming business in the Twin Cities.  It is absolutely incredible!  A huge THANK YOU to all our friends for making it possible!!!Type your paragraph here.

St. Paws

Dog Daycare, Boarding, & Grooming

1920 University Avenue West

St. Paul, 55104 Minnesota

(651) 644-7297